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 landrian networks

Spectrum Center Drive 200, 92618, California, United States

Cybersecurity Players
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Modern Enterprises today are migrating to and depending on cloud based services such as Box, AWS, and Azure at an increasing rate. The Security solutions and controls they depend on to protect sensitive data, however, are largely unable to be extended. Landrian's new approach is a cloud-first next generation 3D SIEM. Built from the ground up in the age of pervasive cloud services Landrian is uniquely suited to provide visibility for the cybersecurity challenges enterprises are facing today. Landrian is able to show real-time incident data in an intuitive way which dramatically speeds incident prioritization, escalation, and resolution.


Landrian is an entirely new way of visualizing user activity in the NOC and SOC. Leverage your existing data sources while empowering your analysts to think outside the SIEM. Landrian is a hosted cloud based visibility solution for Security and Network Operation Centers. Flexible data connectors accept feeds from a variety of cloud based data sources including Box and Azure. Through a flexible API Landrian is able to accept data for correlation, visualization, and other analytics from any number of user-defined sources.
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